Tori Cobbs

Tori Cobbs

"Im human.....That doesnt mean im normal......I can "see"......And i can kill you child....dont mess with the Mid-Angel" 


Tori Maria Cobbs was born on December 25, 1997. Tori is a Mid-Angel, a human wiht the powers of an angel. Tori went dark when she turned 14. She didnt know she was an angel until this happened. Her mother never told her about her heritage.

Not much else is known about Tori without reealing spoilers so....


Since Tori is a Mid-Angel she has some powers:


Skilled hand-to-hand combatant

Super Speed

Truth telling maker power (Make someone tell her the truth no matter what)

Relationships Edit


Solomon and Tori have a very very close brotherly sisterly relationship. They work together to find their sister Sierra. They also fight Leviathan along with the rest of their team.


Ian and Tori have a very "friendly" relationship. They end up dating for a while and eventually get married and have 2 kids.

Others Tori gets along with everyone apart from dark angels. She has some tolerance for them.

Weapons Edit

She has no weapons

Features Edit

Tori has light brown eyes and black and blue hair (Turquoise)

Family Edit

Sierra and Solomon are her younger siblings The entire Trans family line and eventually the entire Larson family line.

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