"I am the angel of legend....I moved the sun by using light energy......freedom is what I believe in and I will do whatever it takes to make sure freedom is "free" "

Solomon Cobbs

Solomon Cobbs with tears in his shirt from where he just used his angel wings.


Solomon Cobbs was born on February 14, 1999. His birthday was on a solar eclipse. A prophecy was made 200 years ago about a new generation of angels. It said that this new generation will begin with an outcast amongst the angels. It shall begin with the 1 and the sun on the day of life. Solomon grew up without the knowledge of this. He didnt know he was an angel until the age of 10 when he got mad and his tattoos on his back turned into wings.

His mother had no explanation for this and came out and told him about who/what he was. Solomon was an angel. Little did he know that he was the angel of prophecy. His mother was a prophet. She could dream the future. She dreamt Solomons birthday and what would happen. She tried all she could to make sure he would go light. All angels have 1 major choice in their life. This choice is choen by their actions.

If they were bad then they had a high chance of going dark. If they were good then they had a high chance of becoming a light angel on their 14th birthday. Solomon was good the majority of the time but sometimes there were days where things werent the best. Solomon found out about the prophecy but he couldnt understand it. He had to ask his mom about it.

she denied everything at first but finally came out with the truth. She couldnt bare the weight of lying to her son on her shoulders. She also told Solomon about his sister who had become a human because she denied the dark. She lost everything angelic about her includung her memory of who her parens were and who she was. Hardly ever did anyone mak such a big choice like that.

Solomons best friends were his friends: Rachel Jhonson and Nathan Jones. He also had his favorite cousins he considered as best friends: Aurora, Rayleigh, James, Brandon, Simone, Snow, and Elijah. Solomon had to go through hard times during the time around his birthday. Nothing ever got better in fact most things got worse. Solomon had no idea what was happening or how he could fix it.

Something so tradjec happened that Solomon had to use his time manipultaion ability and alter time to keep someone he loved from dying. When he came back to his time everything was different. All the light angels were killed until there were only 200 more left while most dark angels kept multiplying. Solomon was met by Jhonathan Trans (His 10 times great grandpas brother). Jhonathan tried to kill Solomon but Tyla (The first half human/ dark angel) showed up and made him retreat.

Tyla was acting good in order to set everything back to the way it was supposed to be. Her dad forced the dark upon her. She still had good inside of her though. Solomon had lost all of his powers and was technically no longer an angel.

Something was off about him though. At some points his eyes would go green. This brings upon new challeneges hat he will have to face in the past and in the future.

Powers Edit

Solomon has very strong and rare powers: Time manipulation Super strength Super speed Super enhancement Light Discernment Sensing Elemental Weather

Weapons Edit

Solomon makes Weapons out of his light ability

Features Edit

He has blue eyes and black hair.

Relatives Edit

The entire light side of the Cobbs family.

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