Simone Callow

"Thats a pretty big would be a shame if you got struck by some lightning. I'm sure that much electrocution would kill you..."


Simone Callow is a extremely powerful and rebellious child. Whenever it comes down to a fight though, she will be there to help out. Simone has the ability of electricity. She can either shoot this from her hands on radiate it all over her body. She is the twin to Snow Callow. Simone has a fierce nature. She, her sister, and Solomon have an extremely good bond. They were more of siblings than cousins. They had to leave when Simone and her sister began gaining their powers. Simone had been causing power outages and power overloads. Her rebellious nature came from her father before he died. Her dad was always pushing her to her limit trying to make her powers manifest faster. Simone never really liked that. Simone liked writing and readings. Simone liked being the outcast in the crowd. she never cared what others said about her. Simone and her sister are almost complete opposites. Simone is very nice once you make it to her good side. If you are on her bad side it is very hard to make it to her good side.

The CoveringEdit

Simone and her sister are important in this book and are first mentioned in chapter 3. Simone and her sister become main characters in chapter 4 when Solomon recruits them to be on his side in the war. (Don't wanna spoil the rest so wait for further information)

Powers Edit

Simone has



Super speed *2

Super strength


A fierce attitude

Twin telepathy



Weapons Edit

Electricity whips


Relatives Edit

Twin sister- Snow Callow The entire light side of the Trans family.

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