"You killed my parents, threatened me, and left me to die....oh yeah I'm going to get revenge!"


Mary Sierra Mapple was born on December 25, 1998. Her mother is a famous author and her father is a Senator. She spends time with her cousin Keylana and her friends since her parents arent home the majority of the time. Mary loves to dye her hair but her parents wont let her. She promises to never dye her hair again.

One afternoon after school she is walking home with her friends when she uses her ability unknowingly. She walks home and when she passes a mirror she sees that her hair is pink. She freaks out and then her parents come home. Mary starts axting wierd and her mom comes upstairs to find her in the bathroom trying to wash the dye out of her hair and her mother gets angry.

Her mom took Mary into the kitchen and her dad saw what happened. They know something that Mary doesnt. Then Mary tells her parents to sit down and stop talking and then they fly into a chair and sit there in silence with their eyes wide open. Mary starts to spaz out once again and then her hair turns brighter pink than it was supposed to. Then her eyes turn that way.

She screams at her mother telling her to explain whats going on. Her mom reacts by saying exactly what Mary wanted and more. That night Mary cried herself to sleep and the next day went to school. Her parenst left the house before she did and just rode the bus in silence. Her friend Jerome cheered her up during the day and when she got home. She left him and saw that her front door was open. She knew something was wrong because her parents are important, they would never leave the front door open.

She walked into the house and then in the kitchen. When she walked into the kitchen she found her parents dead. There was a guy behind her and he asked her "Wanna die babe?" she reacts by saying "Burn" and the man caught on fire.She watched him burn and then her cousin Keylana came in. only diference is that now her cousin was wearing armor and she had a huge sword.

From there they go onto the adventure

No more information otherwise its a SPOILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Voice- Mary can make anyone do what she wants them to do just by speaking it. She can also use to a much more powerful extent as shown when she said "Burn" and the man caught on fire at that very moment.