Leila Cobbs as a Newborn Dark Angel

Before her birthday:

Im not light....but im not dark eyes are green......for now....but my actions make who I am destined to be......I've been good......haven't I?"

After her birthday:

" My father killed was possibly an accident......but his death wont be"


Leila Hannah Cobbs is the daughter of Solomon Cobbs and Rachel Cobbs. Rachel is also the twin to Jason Cobbs. When Leila and her brother were born they were born different. They both had green eyes. Their green eyes were hidden for years. then once they figured out about their eyes they had to hide them from their parents. It turns out that their mother knows about their eyes and never told their her husband.

their dad found out about their eyes one night that things were going wierldy. Solomon was angry but his anger didnt last long because the barrier they had to keep other dark angels out had broken. Solomon rished his family out to their car and he left thier home. he was angry with them and was asking them lots of questions. 

they began down a dark road adn they were the only people there. something landed on top of thier car and Solomon slammed on brakes. A person fell off the roof of the car. Solomon looked at them and told them to stay in the car. He got out and confronted the motionless body. More figures landed on the ground. Rachel looked at her kids and her eyes went blue. she was telling them to be ready to use their powers. The kids eyes went green. Rachel got out of the car and someone pushed her onto the car.

Leila got scared and something went into her mind. She could hear thousands of voices. Outside of the car her parents were fighting off the dark angels. Her brother saw that something was wrong and kept trying to get Leila to stop moving around. Leila finally let go and screamed releasing a blast of energy. Her dad was fast enough and put a yellow barrier of light over him and his wife. The dark angels fell to the ground unconscious. Jason was also knocked out. Leila looked around and saw her brother unconscious.

SHe touched his shoulder and said wake up and Jason awoke. Their parents rushed back into the car. Solomon looked back at them. Rachel said that Leila had  the ability of telepathy and that it was one o f the rare powers that an angel could get. Solomon beagn driving again but soon a golden light began surrounding the car. The car accelerated and then the light got really bright. When the light faded away  the car had stopped and they were on the driveway of the Family House and Solomons mother was standing right there looking at them with her hand on her hip.

From that moment everything changed. Solomons mom explained how his changing the history and rearraging everything affected the generation of angels forever. There was nothing he could do to go back and change what had been changed. Leila had struggled to learn how to use her powers. Something was wrong though. She would get dreams of heer dying. Her father would've killed her.

Leila was also changing. She got darker everyday. On the twins birdthday her brothers eyes turned to a cyanish kind of color. His eyes came during the day. The day began to pass and Leila began to cry. The sun set and  her eyes turned dark blue.

Leila blamed her parents. Leila lost control and she sent out a blast that killed all life around her. The only thing that didint die was the angels and they had a barrier around humans in the blast raidus which was 2 miles. Leila unleashed darkangels and a fight broke out. The sun was beginning to rise when Solmon was forced to do something. He looked at Rachel. Rachel began to cry and nodded her head Jason looked at his mom then back at his dad. Tears began to run down his cheeks.

He screamed no but Solmoon was supersped over to Leila. He stabbed her in her stomach. Leilas eyes went from dark blue to green and Leila got control. she began to cry and begged her dad to kill her so that she wouldnt kill anyone else. Solomon denied the first 3 times but then Leila grabbed his hands and pleaded. Then Leila lost control and the dark side of her told Solomon that he didnt have the guts to do it. Solomon relized he had to do the right thing and he stabbed his duaghter in the heart. 

Leilas eyes went green and she whispered thankyou. The clouds in the sky went away and the sun began to rise. Solomon fell to the ground with his daughter in his hands. Rachel and Jason ran over crying and hugged Solomon. Solomon felt Leilas body get heavier. She was turning to stone. Once she was completely stone she disenegrated into dust and flew away in the wind.

The family stayed in that spot waching the dust drift away in the wind. Once it was out of sight they left and went back to the Family House. The dust was drifting slowly then it colected and flew to the ground. The dust gathered together and formed a body on the ground. The body solidified and the stonelayer disappeared. Leila woke up and her eyes were green. She looked around. Some people emerged from hiding in the trees. She asked who they were and they looekd at each other and one by one their eyes went green. A guy stood in front of the group and said that they were her cousins.

she asked what happened and he said that her family murdered her. She denied it but then remembered her dreams. She accepted that answer and joined their group known as the NewBorns. They walked away with Leila in their group now. This ends the old series of Angel Chronicles and starts the new series of Angel Chronicles.


Leila is a (Input as soon as i get the name) with rare powers.


Super speed

Super Strength

Super enhancement

Senses manipulation (touch, smell, sight, etc.)

Poison (Temporary with her dark blue eyes)

Some form of telekinesis

Flight with her wings

Weapons Edit

She has angel wings

Features Edit

Leila has pink highlights in her hair and average size wings.

she has green eyes/ dark blue eyes

Relatives Edit

Jason Cobbs (Twin brother)

Solomon Cobbs (Dad)

Rachel Cobbs (Mom)

Hannah Andrea (Grandma)

The rest of the family lines in the Trans family

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