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   Mary Dora Trans was the elder of the living angel lines. She acted as the link between all of them. She was born on February 12, 1914 and died on December 19, 2013. She lived a good 99 years and looked like a 50 year old. She uses her strength to her max.

   She does backflips and drop kicks people. This shows us that she isnt just the most powerful elder meantally but physically too. She has the ability to give other nagels powers and also change a human into a Mid-Angel. She only turns a human whenever it is needed to help in the situation that they are facing. In the case that Nathan and Rachel knew about the angel family and that the dark angels knew that they were helping and targeted them, she changed them into Mid-Angels.

    She is called Granny by her family members and lives in The Family House. She is the mother of Regina Trans, Sarah Callows, Magdalene Goodson, and Vladimir Trans (Leviathan). Leviathan killed Granny when his invasion began. She made a barrier that surrounded the woods on the side of their house.

   This barrier was powered by the life of angels inside of it. She died inside of the barrier and it weakend tremendously therefore when the 3 dark angels attacked it they easliy broke into it. Her oldest daughter is Magdalene and therefore she became the elder of the family lines. The one thing that no one knew was that Granny brought Tyla to their time.

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All of her powers are unknown but we do know that she has

  • Enhancement
  • Power Bestowal
  • Aeternus 
  • Super strength
  • Flight
  • Super speed

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