Take FlightEdit

This is about the ultimate war between The Keepers, The Lucifites, and all of Human kind

The Angel ChroniclesEdit

The Angel Chronciles is a set of books that consists of the ongoing war between Light Angels and Dark Angels. 


Tyla the first dark angel /human (left) and Jacob the first light angel/human (right)

Note that this site does contain SPOLIERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Covering Edit

The first book in Volume 1 of The Angel Chronicles. There was a prophecy and a person needed to fulfill it. What happens when the people you love are the people at risk? What happens when you find out secrets from people you thought you could trust? These secrets could be the downfall of your family. Who can you trust? A war is breaking out and you and your cousins are the only people that can save the world from the destroyer known as Leviathan.

The Revelation Edit

The Revelation is the 2nd book in the Angel Chronicles Volume 1. Events take a turn for the worst after the events in The Covering. Choices that were made will affect everything and people have changed. Family friends are enemies. People are loss and worst of all. Solomon is no longer an angel.

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