"Party time!"


Aleck is a fun, goofy Light Angel. He is considered to be a psychopath becuase of his history before becoming a Dark Angel. No one ever meant it literally they were just joking around with him. Aleck is apart of the Larson side of the Angel lines.

He has one brother and his name is Dylan S. Larson. He also has a sister named Makayla. Dylan and Aleck are bestfriends and have a good relationship. Aleck has 2 katana-like swords he uses when fighting Dark Angels. He can get serious at points but the majority of the time he is a major goofball.


Aleck can:

Fly: Angel wings enable him to fly through the sky.

Super Speed: The ability to run 10 times faster than the normal human.

Super strength: Way stronger than the normal human.

Laser beams: beams of light from his eyes.

Phasing: The ability to go through an object.

Family Edit

Dylan S. Larson-Martidge (Brother) Makayla Larson Ian Larson (Cousin) Jakob Larson (Cousin) Austin Larson (Cousin) Dylan D. Larson (Cousin) Will Larson (Cousin)

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